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For this part of the assignment, you will pick a topic covered in DeVolo’s article explore its impact on the workplace and your chosen career (for example, what impact does dress code have in banking?). You will find and read one article and related Gig entry on your chosen career in order to better understand the methodological approach to studying work, the impact of intersectionalities, and develop a conceptual understanding of workplaces. Your article should be from a reputable (preferably peer-reviewed) source. Like the article on Cocktail Waitresses, you will start with an analysis on your chosen article by identifying the methods used in the study and Gig interview and summarize key findings about the workplace. Next, you will complete a paper analyzing your findings, evaluating the article and Gig interview, and comparing the topics to those in DeVolo. Finally, you will present your findings as part of a group to the class. First: Identify which theme from DeVolo you want to research. Find an article in your assigned topic area on your chosen career. Find a Gig that relates to your chosen career. Read the article & Gig interview and take notes on: How the study was conducted? What did the researcher do? What ethnographic methods (observation, interviews, participant observation) did they use? What are the main findings in the article? What did you learn about the work in these careers? Review your notes and then write a four to five page paper that: Explain the ethnographic methods that the researcher used in the article, Explain (in your own words) 3 key findings about your topic based on the article and Gig How does this compare to the article and interview? Now think back to the casino workers. Explain two ways that readings differs from and are similar to the casino cocktail waitress ethnography. Remember to organize your paper with an introduction and conclusion. Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. Be sure to use a standard font, size 12, with one inch margins. To submit your paper, you will upload your work as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf through the assignment prompt on Canvas.

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