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For your country report, you should choose any country or place that is NOT the United States (and is not in the United States) and apply any concept we have covered in class to this place. My hope is that you will be able to connect the course material to something you care about. Your paper should have a central thesis statement which indicates the main argument of your paper in the introduction. For instance, your thesis might be something like: The case of this country reveals how modernization theory applies in practice. The case of this country reveals the shortcomings of cultural modernization theory in explaining political change. The case of this country reveals that certain electoral systems are better suited to the social and political contexts of certain countries. This is a relatively short paper which means that you are not expected to summarize all of a country’s political history. You should focus on the time period that makes the most sense for the concept about which you are writing. For instance, depending on the concept about which you choose to write, you may wish to address questions like: Why did this country or place democratize? Why did this country or place adopt this electoral system? What are the consequences of this country’s or place’s political institutions? Addressing such questions will necessarily mean that you focus on particular points in a country’s or place’s history. Use 5 academic sources Cover a concept NOT be about the United States. You will automatically receive a failing grade on the paper if you either: 1) Do not cover a concept we have covered in class, or 2) You write about the United States or part of the United States.

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