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George is a bowling alley owner. He has received permission from the state to open his business after a three-month C19 lockdown. He is permitted to open at reduced capacity. George, however, being a cautious man, is really worried about potential liability to his customers if one of them catches the virus in the bowling alley. He worries that even if he follows all best practices he will still be risking significant liability if something like this happens. He also thinks that it is necessary that the government provides some sort of liability protection to all businesses in case anyone is infected at their businesses – otherwise he is worried that no matter what he does a lawsuit is in the cards. Discuss, using external sources to back up your assertions, the “reasonably foreseeable” standard. Is George at risk? What factors should influence what one determines to be reasonably foreseeable? Can you think of scenarios where the outcome would not occur without a person’s involvement, but the outcome is not reasonably foreseeable from her conduct? Should conduct that is reasonably foreseeable to result in a particular outcome give rise to liability, even if the outcome would have occurred without the individual’s involvement? Why or why not? Should there be some sort of liability protection that overrides traditional tort law in the case of C19? Resource Video: Resource Video: See also Topic 9 of the text. (See attached)

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