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How have you changed as a result of learning about diversity and the mechanisms of power, privilege, and discrimination?
What privileges do you have? Because of intersectional identities, you may hold privilege with one identity (e.g., gender), but lack privilege with another identity (e.g., class). Consider each identify separately and try to parcel out the effect of each identity on your experience. How can you use your power to advocate for other groups?
For this Assignment, you integrate concepts from chapter 1 to 14. You apply concepts from the course resources and seek out additional literature in order to inform your continued development of cultural competence.
Required Readings:
Sue, D. W., Rasheed, M. N., & Rasheed, J. M. (2016). Multicultural social work practice: A competency based approach to diversity and social justice (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Use APA 7th citation and references. Submit a 3-page paper in which you do the following:
• Use the following identity categories when responding to the assignment points:
o Age
o Ability
o Religion/spirituality
o Ethnic/racial identity
o Socioeconomic status
o National origin
o Sex
o Gender identity and expression
o Sexual orientation
• Identify two ways in which you either hold privilege or lack privilege for each identity category.
• Identify two strengths associated with the identity you hold in each category.
• First, discuss each identity separately and then briefly discuss the intersectional nature of your identity.
• Support your analysis with citations to class resources.
• Explain how your values, biases, and judgments toward diverse groups have been challenged or confirmed during this course.
o Identify any areas that may need continued growth.
• Provide two strategies for continuing to develop your multicultural competence and support ideas with at least 2–3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

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