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I can provide previous assignments: Use the 10 assignments to construct a research proposal for the chosen topic. While simply “stacking” the assignments together in a paper format might seem tempting, doing so will be totally inadequate for this assignment. You should incorporate all of the comments received on your weekly assignments, all of the additional information you have gained throughout the course, and all the skills you have amassed to develop a well reasoned and organized proposal. This paper should be from 7-10 double-spaced pages in length and use a minimum of 30 sources. Do not forget to provide the bibliography/references page for works cited in your paper (the bibliography pages are in addition to the 7-10 page paper requirement). The following is a brief outline of your research proposal. 1. The title is arbitrary but should relate to your topic (e.g., An Explanatory Study of Immigration to Southern Cities) 2. Abstract-this is basically a 1-2 paragraph summary of your proposal (like an executive summary). 3. Problem Statement-this is your Assignment #2 Topic Statement 4. Literature Review-Assignment 4 Literature Review. You may also include information from Assignment 3?Theory and Social Research– in this section. This section should end with the contribution the research described in you proposal would make to the scientific literature on your topic. That is Assignments 5?Research Questions and hypotheses 5. Methods or Design Section- Assignment 6-Conceptual Definitions. After discussing your conceptual definitions, direct your reader to your operational definitions (see Assignment 9) that you place in an Appendix. You also need to describe your study design (e.g., survey, experiment, participant observation, etc), your research population, and your sampling plan (use the probability sample from Assignment 7). Describe your data collection method and your analytic plan.

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