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I’m working on a business question and need a sample draft to help me study.Part A.Changes are not limited to race and gender. Right now, it is noted by some researchers that there are five generations in the workplace. Education levels also vary greatly across different demographic groups. For this discussion, address the following:Identify and describe three demographic groups within your workplace. These can be demographics of your choice (education level, religion, gender, race, age, etc.).
Explain the challenges that can occur among these groups in the work environment.
Present methods to address these challenges in a way that promotes both inclusion and enhances workplace productivity.
discussion must be 300-350 words.Part B.Future Demographics to ConsiderWorkforce demographics have changed significantly over the years and will continue to change in the future. Stereotyping is commonplace. For companies to gain a competitive advantage and leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion, companies need to see past negative stereotypes.For this assignment:Research four worker demographic categories in the United States. These can be any demographic categories you wish, such as age, religion gender, parental status, marital status, etc. However, at least one of the demographic categories cannot be a protected class (i.e., education level, years of service/seniority, etc.).
List the demographic categories you chose, along with a brief description of each.
In your own words, explain the most common stereotypes of each category, both negative and positive in nature, as you see them. For example, a stereotype might be: someone with a Bachelor’s degree is intelligent, but lacks “real-world” experience.
Explain how these stereotypes likely impact the workplace culture.
Explain which stereotypes HR professionals need to address most acutely in the next 10 years and why?
Submission RequirementsWrite a 4-5 page paper (length does not include the required title and reference pages)
Please have a detailed conclusion and follow current APA format.
Requirements: please follow all the rules and grammer ius important

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