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I’m working on a business question and need support to help me understand better.Question number 1 : Though business ethics and sustainability initiatives are often driven by regulatory requirements and laws, an increasing number of companies notice that appropriate business ethics and enacting sustainability initiatives frequently result in decreased operating costs and increased revenues. Recent research has shown a strong and positive link between successful sustainability strategy and corporate value. Positive business ethics and sustainability initiatives can enhance businesses in several ways. In section 7.7 of your textbook, there are six major elements or capacities that are essential to making moral judgments: (1) moral imagination, (2) moral identification and ordering, (3) moral evaluation, (4) tolerance of moral disagreement and ambiguity, (5) integration of managerial and moral competence, and (6) a sense of moral obligation. Review that information. Explain and analyze how one organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from sustainability initiatives.Be sure that you accurately answer/cover the following in your analysis:How your chosen organization exhibits moral imagination;How your organization manages moral identification and ordering;How your organization deals with moral evaluation;How your chosen organization shows tolerance of moral disagreement and ambiguity;How your chosen organization integrates managerial and moral competence; andHow your chosen organization delivers a sense of moral obligation.Question number 2:Organizational ethics are the principles by which a leader directs an organization. This may include everything from employee ethics to company morale and productivity. It is also important to remember that employees and stakeholders follow their leaders’ example. Even if there are ethics policies in place, how top leaders drive these standards resonates throughout the entire organization. What three things can a leader do, beyond modeling ethical behavior, to improve the organization’s ethical climate? Choose an organization with which you have experience and analyze their organizational ethics.Directions: – Style: APA- Sources: 6 resources with citation – Length: 6 pages excluding cover page, abstract and sources page. Requirements: 6 pages   |   .doc file

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