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I’m working on a linguistics discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.Questions: Consider the examples in (52)-(55) pp. 92-94Identify what the phenomenon in each example is. What is the name or label used to identify that particular phenomenon? What is the element in each example that poses the problem? Draw the trees for each pair, using the structural assumptions we have been using up to now (e.g., little v), and the structure of VP suggested in (51). The four example pairs constitute each a different phenomenon but they all rely in the notion of c-command. Hornstein et al p.78 has a working definition of c- command. Using the definition of c-command, explain in structural detail what is the problem that each example raises; explain, in structural terms, the contrast that each pair raises;
explain what kind of structure would be needed to account for the 10 structural properties of the examples and the contrast in the pairs. Requirements: As long as it takes   |   .doc file

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