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I’m working on a management writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.Select, research and write a paper on a current human resources issue. Choose from sample list below. The samples were chosen because they have an impact on the practice of human resources management and both sides of the issue can be clearly delineated.Paper must present a clear analysis of both sides of the issue (Yes or No), including which side you support and a summary section on what you have learned from your research.Have at least 4 professional sources, which should be cited in the report. 4-6 pagesSample HR Issues to Choose From:1. Should HR be involved in an employee’s outside activities (i.e participation in social media, recent demonstrations, or even negative public events)?2. Should Companies make compensation transparent for all employees?3. Workplace violence-is there more of it or are we more aware of it? And what is HR to do?4. Due to the current pandemic, is it ok to hire an employee that you have never met in person?5. In the wake of increased sexual harassment claims, should Companies implement no dating polices between its employees?6. Are pre-employment tests better than resumes to evaluate applicants for an open position?7. Can an employee’s skills be improved by Performance Management?8. When hiring new employees: Which is more important–Soft Skills or Hard Skills?9. Is forced ranking an effective Performance Management Tool?10. Should HR remove the names of applicants on resumes when sending to managers to remove bias in reviewing candidates?11. Are e-Training, Distance Learning and Other Technologies Effective Training Tools?12. Is the Gig workforce trend better or worse for those employees
Requirements: 4-6 pages

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