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I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.Please write a feedback for 2 peers’ literary analysis. I will show you the example of this assignment at the end of instruction. Please read it before working on this assignment and keep the format. In your feedback, answer the following questions in your feedback:1. What expectations do you form about the paper based on the paper’s title? If the paper doesn’t have a title or if the title doesn’t fit the paper’s theme, what suggestions do you have for a title?2. What is the paper’s thesis or main message? Do you get some indication about what the thesis will be from the introduction?3. Are significant images, descriptions, or phrases quoted from the story to illustrate the writer’s points? If not, where would it be helpful for the writer to include more direct support from the primary source?4. What is the most successful aspect of this draft?5. What final recommendations do you have for this writer?1st peer’s literary analysis:Literary Analysis “The Lottery”Traditions tend to change with time as people morals change. In today’s time we have a different way of following common traditions. Winning the lottery for us now can mean lots of money, feeling luck and happy. But imagine that not being the case and it being the opposite of what we usually think winning the lottery means. In the short story by Shirley Jackson, it talks about how winning the lottery is not being a lucky winner and is instead a ritual to murder one of their town members. This shows how a society can blindly accept societal traditions and people get clingy that do not want to change outmoded traditions and can even be destructive.The short story takes place in a village square town. The day is June 27th, and it is “clear and sunny with fresh warmth of a full- summer day.” That day villagers are getting ready to participate in the annual lottery. This tradition had been going on longer than before the oldest man in town. In today’s time many holidays are not celebrated the same way they were years ago. As different cultures mix not everyone follows their ancestors’ traditions and they start a new one. In the short story “The Lottery” they have a townsperson who is chosen by a slip of paper to be put to death. This is done so the town has a plentiful year for growing crops. Nowadays that is not being seen since that has change with time and people have learned that those things are not right to do. In addition, we can see how these people back then did not want to change anything. Since Mr. Summers the character who runs the lottery recommends that a new box should be used for the lottery. The box is symbolized as being warned down, very old and not big enough with the increase in population. However, people refuse to create a new one since the narrator says, “no one like to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box.” This is showing how these villagers have gotten attached to something that has always been used in the past and do not want to let go of this black box because of its tradition. The bizarre ritual of the lottery held each year shows how dangerous traditions can be when people blindly follow them. Instead of this being a common lottery this is basically a murder ritual that is part of these peoples lives. Tessie Hutchison is killed for no reason since she did not commit a crime. She was just the person who got picked in the lottery drawing. Winning the lottery in this village is actually bad luck since you are stoned to death just because this is an acceptance of tradition that has been going on for years. The villagers do not even know how this tradition started they just follow it because its being going on for years. Tessie death is an example of how societies can persecute innocent for absurd reasons. As we see in today’s time some people get killed innocently but not because it is a tradition to kill someone.In conclusion, The lottery proves that it has a lot of similarities with out society. Some people don’t realize that if we don’t change as time and other things are changing, they can become something destructive and unfair. Jackson also portrays societal values using traditions that trumps human morals and how they are having trouble letting go of traditions or accepting change.2nd peer’s literary analysis:Literary Analysis of Harrison BergeronBeauty, strength, intelligence, and talent. These are traits that many of us consider to be highly desirable, right? However, having these qualities would certainly not be beneficial to anyone who happened to have the misfortune of living in the world portrayed by Kurt Vonnegut in his short story, “Harrison Bergeron”. It is the year 2081 in this dystopian future and citizens are required, by law, to be entirely equal. To achieve this absolute equality, the government forces anyone with higher-than-average capabilities to wear handicaps to hide good looks, slow down the strong and quick, and impair the intelligent. This story is filled with symbolism, irony, and emphasizes the loss of individuality by means of government control to demonstrate how forcing and upholding uniformity can be detrimental and dangerous.Vonnegut seems to utilize symbolism in many different forms in this story. We see symbolism in the use of handicaps mandated by the government and in the characters as well. The first “handicap” that the reader is introduced to is the “little mental handicap radio” (Vonnegut) in George’s ear. Vonnegut goes on to describe, “It was tuned to a government transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains.” The earpiece in George’s ear can be a representation of a form of mind control by the government. We also see the use of birdshot secured to George’s neck, and on the ballerinas, who are described as being “burdened with sashweights and bags of birdshot.” The handicaps used to hinder any capabilities can be symbolic of the oppression of the citizens by the government because citizens are literally and figuratively being held down with bags of lead balls shackled to their body. By limiting individuals’ abilities, the government is better able to manipulate and control the masses. Another form of symbolism represented is in each of the characters. The character Hazel is a simple-minded person, “which meant she couldn’t think about anything except short burst.” (Vonnegut) She represents the easily controllable citizen, who is compliant and lacks the intelligence to question the government’s unjust rule, a model citizen when it comes to overbearing government control. Next is George, whose “intelligence is way above normal” (Vonnegut) and must wear a mental handicap in his ear, and a 47-pound bag of lead balls around his neck. At one point his wife suggests that they take out a few balls to lessen the burden around his neck. George disagrees with the idea and reminds his wife of the consequences of trying to take any weight off. He also goes on to say, “If I tried to get away with it, then other people’d get away with it and pretty soon we’d be right back to the dark ages with everybody competing against everybody else. You wouldn’t like that would you?” George’s response shows his fear of breaking the cruel laws and he represents the oppressed citizen who complies with the unjust government and laws out of fear of punishment. He has the mental ability to question the current unfair situation but lacks the bravery to do so. The character, Diana moon glampers who is the Handicapper General appears towards the end of the story when she shoots down Harrison after he tore himself free of his handicaps and declared himself the Emperor. She represents the oppressive authority which controls its citizens by any means necessary, even murder. Lastly there is Harrison Bergeron, who is accused of “plotting to overthrow the government” and is described in a public warning as “a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous”. At the end of the story Harrison, tears off his handicaps and dances with a beautiful ballerina on tv, they glide freely and soon after their gravity defying dance are shot and drop to their death. Harrison is a symbol for rebellion against corruption and may symbolize how a strong, free thinking and intelligent person who is confident in their abilities is such a great threat to a government which seeks to rule with an iron fist.The author uses elements of irony in this exaggerated dystopian future. In our present-day society beauty, intelligence strength and talents are traits that are accepted, and many go to great lengths to achieve these standards. In the story Vonnegut describes the contrary where such highly sought characteristics are exactly what the government prohibits. In this story, ballerinas must hide their beauty with hideous masks, the strong are forced to wear heavy handicaps and the intelligent are forced to be mentally impaired. Another ironic element is the government’s goal to create equality for all, but by taking the idea to an extreme it instead creates a harmful and intolerable environment. Rather than striving to treat everyone equally in respect to their rights, the government instead mandates that no one may be any smarter than anybody else, any stronger or quicker or better looking.Dystopian literature usually shares common characteristics and two that are evident in Harrison Bergeron are the loss of individuality and government control, which happen to go hand in hand in this story. Types of Dystopian Literature describes this common element perfectly saying, “As a result of government control, the population can experience horrible living conditions, environmental destruction or a loss of the individual.” This description certainly rings true to the theme of Harrison Bergeron.Vonnegut illustrates a frightening dystopian future of extreme government control which erases any individuality with the use of symbolism and irony. The story entices the reader to critically think about the circumstances created by an authoritarian government. The reader is reminded that individuality and freedom are just as important as equality, and that equality does not mean everyone should be the same.The example:1.What expectations do you form about the paper based on the paper’s title?The title, “Literary Analysis of Harrison Bergeron” is clear and covers what the paper is. But, I think it would be better if you did something more related to your thesis and overall claim of the essay. Maybe something related to individuality loss?If the paper doesn’t have a title or if the title doesn’t fit the paper’s theme, what suggestions do you have for a title? A suggestion could be, “Vonnegut’s Hidden Cons of Equality”2.What is the paper’s thesis or main message? The main idea being conveyed by this essay is the ideology of Vonnegut. he is totally against complete equality and believes it is even dangerous. This essay is showing his beliefs and how they are supported in his dystopian story.Do you get some indication about what the thesis will be from the introduction?Yes, the author accurately describes the overall claim and irony behind the handicaps and how they create equality. It sets the essay up well.3.Are significant images, descriptions, or phrases quoted from the story to illustrate the writer’s points?Yes, but more specific quotes from the story would make it all the better.4.What is the most successful aspect of this draft?The introduction and opening sentences are defiantly the most successful aspect, they are clear, concise, and make me want to read the essay.5.What final recommendations do you have for this writer?A recommendation I would make would be to maybe beef up the conclusion some more. Maybe add one more sentence in regards to artificial equality Vonnegut creates. Requirements: 1-2 page   |   .doc file

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