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In this first stage of the paper, your central task is to, in 500-700 words, extract, regimented, and clearly explicate one philosophical argument from some media. To be clear: in this paper, you are not to give your own argument or state your own position on a business ethics topic; instead, you are explicating an argument from someone else. Regardless of what topic and media item you end up choosing, I would encourage you to discuss your paper idea with me before writing. Once you have selected and carefully digested the media of your choosing, you can look toward writing. In your paper, you should: [1] Introduce and explain the general topic and main idea in prose; [2] Clearly identify the premises and conclusion of the central argument; [3] Regiment the argument into premise-conclusion form (in English, not formal logic); [4] Explain and (when possible) provide a real definition of any crucial terms or concepts; [5] Use one of Carr, Friedman, Freeman, Goodpaster, or Heath to give an initial defense of the argument. Can I write on any topic I want? Strictly speaking, yes; although you are strongly encouraged to choose from one of the suggested topics posted in the “Currents in Business Ethics”. Outside of this suggestion, there are only two hard parameters. First, you must write on a practical or concrete issue in business ethics, in that (i) the central argument you regiment should have as its conclusion a proposition about what should be done or what is good, and (ii) your paper must deal with the ethics of a real and specific action, decision, or policy in the professional world (rather than, say, the more abstract question of whether stakeholder theory is correct). Second, you must not have as your central argument one which is evaluated either in class or in assigned reading. Since one of your tasks is to show that you can extract and regiment an argument from a source and implement your developed skills to solve concrete problems, your paper should not merely replicate one of the theoretical arguments treated in a class session. This is not to say, however, that you cannot write on a topic we discuss in class; you will find that many of the suggested topics overlap with topics for class Discussions. If I am working in a group, can we all make the same submission? No. Even if you are working in a group, and you all have identical papers, you must (i) make your own individual submission to the Paper I assignment here on BlueLine, and (ii) all submissions must have the same names on them. Resources | All Paper assignments are maximally open: you may use any resources you can access, including your peers and your Professor! Your best resources for revising and improving your work will always be (i) the written feedback provided on your submissions, (ii) discussion with Professor Drake, and (iii) discussion with peers. In addition to those resources, there are several resources here in the course Files that may be useful to you. First, you can view the Sample Paper I (in the “Toolkit”) for a concrete illustration of the form, style, and quality of writing you will be expected to produce. Second, for help with identifying, regimenting, and explicating, analyzing, and evaluating arguments, the Logic Bootcamp and Coffman’s guide to arguments will be your best resources. Third, For general theory in business ethics, the assigned reading materials and Session notes (in “Readings and Other Media” and “Class Sessions”, respectively) may be useful. You may also find that your general topic connects with one of our online weekly Discussions. Finally, if you find yourself struggling with generally with producing quality writing, it may occasionally be helpful to review the writing guide.

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