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Lesson 3 -Apply
For this lesson, you will be paying attention to style, painting and printmaking.
1.First go to:!/search?q=escher (Links to an external site.)
This is the Met Museum again, and you will look at a print by Escher.
and then check out (Links to an external site.)
The second site is:
http:// (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
This is a gallery that is owned privately but is open to the public. The owners exhibit a variety of select artists and Elizabeth Murray is one of them. Go to her recent works and review them. I suggest you watch at least part of this video to see the scale and complexity of her work. (Links to an external site.)
If you cannot locate this gallery, enter the name of the gallery, Pace Wildenstein, into your browser search engine and it will give you the gallery. Then locate Murray’s work. Or type her name into your browser. Make sure you use the correct Murray.
For both of these artists, look at the qualities that identify their work as theirs. Tell me what those qualities are.
Talk about what you perceive is their STYLE. In other words, what formal or visual elements are similar in Escher’s prints that use negative and positive shapes and what in Murray’s work determines her style.
Do they use a certain shape or form?
Is their work 2D or 3D or both?
What about scale…how is it used?
What about technique? Describe their technique.Some artists only paint, while others concentrate on sculpture.
Please answer ALL these questions for full points on this lesson. Post these answers to the assignment icon.
For the second part of your project this week, I want you to find an artist that is contemporary, meaning that they are alive and producing art right now. You must use the Pace site to get credit.
Once you find someone whose work you like, and there are at least 4 pieces for you to observe, answer the following questions.Then post the answers in the discussion board with the name of the artist you used. This will help you see what others in the class have found and how they feel about the work.
Name the artist and their work title.
What about their works attracts you?
How do they use shape and color in their work?
What makes them stand out to you from other artists in the PACE gallery?

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