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My topic is medication assisted therapy for pregnant women with an opioid use disorder. The program evaluation is the culminating assignment in this course. This assignment allows you to synthesize and apply your understanding of program evaluation to demonstrate your ability to engage in practice-informed research and research-informed practice and to evaluate practice with organizations. All aspects of the paper should conform to the 7th edition of the APA manual. You should include the cover page, abstract, and references. 1. Introduction (3 pages maximum) a. Describe the problem/need to be addressed by the program. b. Identify the factors that contribute to the problem. c. Include clarifying statements (definitions), national, state, and local statistics, incidence and prevalence figures, and trends if they are available and appropriate to your description. Discuss what you have learned about the problem/need from the research literature (five citations are minimally required). d. Estimate the numbers affected or impacted by the problem: Consider sources and accuracy of data. In this section, you will discuss the specific population (demographic characteristics) and the geographic area on which you will focus (sufficient citational evidence is expected so that it is clear your assessment is based on empirical data). e. Synthesize the research/theoretical material in the form of a detailed program hypothesis. S W 6 6 8 | 19 f. At the conclusion of this section, you should make a summary statement that allows the reader to know exactly who you are going to recruit into the program, how many are affected, and where the program will be targeted. 2. Evaluation Plan/Methods (7 pages maximum) a. Design 1. Identify and describe the evaluation design; describe why this design was selected 2. Describe how the research design will address the research questions 3. Address any strengths and limitations of the design including potential threats to internal validity 4. Explanation appropriateness of the design and reasons why other more rigorous designs were not feasible, 5. Indicate the limitations of the design b. Sample 1. Describe the type of sample that will be selected and why it was selected c. Data Collection 1. Describe how and where you will get your data for the evaluation 2. Specify whether new, primary data or secondary data will be used 3. Define and operationalize the measures you plan to use. If you plan to use any standardized measures, report their reliability and validity. d. Measures and Analysis Plan 1. What measures will be utilized to determine if project is succeeding. 2. What statistics, conditions or attributes do we expect to see change as a result of the planned activities? e. Evaluation 1. How will the proposed project be evaluated? Who looks at what, when, and how to determine if progress is being made/program has been successful? f. Conclusion 1. Identify the strengths of the planned evaluation 2. Identify limitations of the planned evaluation

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