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Part 1
This is a semester-long project focused on developing a marketing plan for an innovative aviation product/service. Each student will come up with one innovative product/service and develop a comprehensive marketing plan, following the template provided in your Textbook. Each week you should complete sections of the marketing plan corresponding to the week’s topics. 
The organization you choose may be your own, but it must be an existing, well-known, and easily researched organization (usually one can find more information on publicly traded companies).  The New Product Development Committee of the organization has asked you to come up with an innovative, imaginative idea that upon further review can lead to a new avenue of growth for the organization. You are only responsible for generating the idea but it would be helpful for you to gain a perspective on how the NPD process would play out in any well-run organization.
4-5 pages, executive summary, high level overview of an issue, problem and proposal 
part 2 
Write a Marketing Sales Letter of any aviation related product or service that you would like to promote. The goal of any sales or persuasive letter is to sell the product/service or persuade a reader to take the recommended course of action. You will sell your product or services by building value, not by selling price. There is no definite number of paragraphs required; I will be grading based on the quantity and quality of rich detail. It is acceptable to write onto or even fill up a second page for this letter; you may include photographs, pictures or other graphics, but I will not evaluate these as part of your grade. 
Marketing Sales Letter Writing Tips: 
Be friendly and concerned about the customer’s interests.
Use simple language.
Use testimonials or mention achievements and credentials to build trust.
Make a good offer or provide incentives.
Call to action is very important; always include contact info.
For more tips, and samples visit the following links:
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part 3 
review questions 10,11,17 (see file attached name ”review questions”

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