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Perceptions of the Lifespan
You must complete BOTH questions and each question should have TWO responses: Answer for (A) yourself and interview (B) another person from the age group indicated in the question.  
You should have at least 2 paragraphs per question AND an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Make sure you include basic details about age, gender, and relationship (if any) about the person you interviewed. First names only. 
1. Complete the sentence: “The most difficult period of my life was between the ages of _________ and ___________.” Why? (The other person should be from the Late Adulthood).  Ask follow up questions as needed to get a full understanding of the person’s response. 
(Consider how this compares to what you have learned about development and experiences of individuals during this period.)
2. Complete the sentence: “One aspect of aging I look forward to is… and one aspect of aging I dread is…”. Why? (The other person will be from the Middle Childhood or (early) Adolescence age period). 
(Consider whether these perspectives are based on actual development changes (i.e., physical, cognitive or social-emotional changes) that occur during this period or based on myths about the period?) 
You must incorporate at least TWO concepts, theories, or developmental research discussed in the course when answering these questions. This paper should be written in APA style with a APA style cover page, citations and reference page.  12 – point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.  

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