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Section 5: International Issues in the Victimization of Women
Women from other countries are more likely to be victims of crime than women in the United States. The victimization is often horrific and inflicts physical and emotional scarring on the women. Women have no rights in other countries and are considered the personal property of men. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss both the treatment and victimization of women in international countries.
Section 6: Theories on Female Offending
This chapter begins by offering some theoretical perspectives on why females engage in crime. In addition, the chapter outlines theories that have historically been used to explain female criminality. Also, modern theories of female offending are discussed. The chapter concludes by explaining the role feminist criminology plays in the research on female offending.
Section 7: Girls and Juvenile Delinquency
This chapter begins by explaining the purpose of the juvenile justice system. Also, the chapter explains the notion of a double standard in the criminal justice system. In addition, the chapter identifies risk factors associated that contribute to girls engaging in delinquency. The chapter ends by explaining gender specific needs of young female offenders who are incarcerated.
Section 8: Female Offenders and Their Crimes
This chapter begins by discussing female offending. In addition, this chapter identifies some of the crimes committed by women offenders. The chapter also examines prostitution impact on society. Lastly, the chapter offers explanations on why women kill their children.
answer the following questions
1. What are the international issues surrounding gender based violence?
2. Based on the readings regarding the nature of female offending, do you think there are differences between male and female offenses, if so what are they?
3. What are some of the theoretical perspectives regarding female offending?

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