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The film Paths of Glory; focused on understanding the principles of ethical leadership as they were manifested (or not manifested) in the 1957 film Paths of Glory. The focus attention should be on Colonel Dax (The Regimental Commander) and Corporal Philippe Paris. ? Craft a short synopsis of the film. This does not have to be extensive, but it will serve as the introduction and set the stage for your subsequent work. ? Identify and comment upon 2 or 3 of the specific “shadows” ( (1) abuse power, (2) hoard privileges, (3) mismanage information, (4) act inconsistently, (5) misplace or betray loyalties, and (6) fail to assume responsibilities.) that are present in each of your assigned characters. ? Identify and comment upon the 2 or 3 specific elements of character that are present—or notably absent—in each of your assigned leaders. Wisdom and knowledge Courage Humanity Justice Temperance Transcendence ? Briefly assess the ethical climate as it existed in and around the Regimental Headquarters and Sector Headquarters during the period covered by the film using 2 or 3 of the signs of a healthy ethical climate listed in Chapter 10 of the text. For each assigned character comment on how they added to, or detracted from, that healthy ethical climate. · From a process perspective, each group must present their findings as follows: You will craft a 10 minute multimedia presentation outlining the points of content outlined above. Multimedia means the presentation should have narration, in addition to simply material on the slides. · You will need to include narration as a minimum. There are also a host of photos and clips available to you in the IMBD site for the film that you can use if you wish. · Large presentations are fine, but if it is too large it makes viewing it difficult as some of your colleagues will be limited in bandwidth. One option for larger narrated files is to convert them to a YouTube video which makes viewing easier. · Collaboration and communication will be evident in your work. Maximizing each of these will be to your advantage.

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