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The Mughal ruler Akbar (r. 1556-1605) commissioned large sets of illustrated books, such as Hamzanama and Akbarnama, which demonstrated an eclectic Mughal style inspired by sources from Islamic, Hindu, Chinese and European visual traditions. Use examples from our lecture images posted on Moodle to discuss how these different traditions were woven together to form the unique Mughal painting style. Imagine yourself a world traveler in the 17th century and you are visiting Suzhou in China, Kyoto in Japan, and Agra in India for their most famous gardens. Describe the different gardens you would see and discuss the meanings embedded in their special compositions, decorations, and material structures. You are an expert on East Asian landscape painting who specializes in identifying Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings of unknown sources. Your method is to compare an unfamiliar work with well-known examples and find the best match for a possible artist, date, and subject matter. Please identify this unknown work (below) by finding the best match among the paintings we have discussed in class (posted on Moodle) and explain your choice.

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